Nintendo 64 Controller Classic Style Long Handle for N64 Console


Nintendo 64 CONTROLLER Original Style

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Blast to the past with this calssic controller for the N64 game system! Modeled after Nintendo’s original design, the N64 controller features 10 active buttons (including Left and Right shoulder functions, and Z-trigger) An analog control stick commands your action with precision, while the legendary D-pad offers a classic gaming feel. The controller’s data port is compatible with any N64 Rumble or Memory Pak, and a long, 6-foot cord ensures that you’re comfortable while your enjoy classics like MarioKart 64, GoldenEye or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Product Features:

Nintendo 64 original controller design
Precise Analog Controller
Compatible with N64 Rumble Pak
6 Ft long Cable

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